2nd Annual Woodstock Postponed, A Message to Our Familia, Friends and Our Community



To All Our Friends, Our Familia:

Subject: 2nd Annual Chicano Woodstock

Beloved and Dear FB Friends and Familia:

Most of you know by now that earlier this year Theresia and I were viciously assaulted nearly almost  losing our lives.  As a result of the numerous injuries we incurred from the assault, Andrew and I have found it increasingly more difficult to do and provide the support and services we give to our communities and our people.

We have been in the planning stages of the 2nd Annual Chicano Woodstock, the event set for this September 2016.  We were planning to bring to the community for some time, an event that you all were partnering with us to bring about.

However, because of the additional on-going stresses on a daily basis that we are now challenged with, Andrew and I have decided to postpone this event for the foreseeable future.

We are both sad and disappointment. So with that being said, we have decided to take a sabbatical, “a time out”, to not only heal our physical wounds, but more importantly, to heal the wounds to our soul that cannot be seen.

We are not disappearing, just taking a rest and we know that after we rest and prayerfully consider what it is we need to do next, we will be rested, healed and ready to go again, Si Se Puede!

We appreciate all your prayers and support and know that as you pray for us, we in turn lift you all up in our prayers,  that the Creator always keep you in Love and Peace.

Our Love and Respect






Theresia and Andrew Elias

Team Elias