Benefit Fundraiser To Bring Awareness To Cancer With Mr. Norman Carter of The Delfonics

Come join us on January 28th, 2017 for a benefit fundraiser to bring awareness to  Cancer and the devastating effects it has on our families and loved-ones.  All proceeds will go to “The Ernest Marquez Memorial Fund”.

Mr. Norman Carter of the world famous “Delfonics” will be our headliner along with Southern Cali’s hottest new band “Los Stardells, the talented singer, Ms. Mary Lou Saldana as well a special guest entertainers.

Norman Carter of the World Famous “Delfonics”

Date:  January 28th, 2017

Place:  El Torito, 3680 Inland Empire Blvd., Ontario, California 91764

Time:  12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

There will be a $10 minimum suggested donation.

Southern California’s Newest Dance Band
“Los Stardells”
The Talented Singer
“Ms. Mary Lou Saldana”
Norman Carter of the World Famous “Delfonics”

For more information contact, Andrew & Theresia Elias @ 909-815-4003, email: (Attn: Cancer Awareness Fundraiser)


Ernest Marquez beloved father, husband and Veteran 10 November 1962 – 23 December 2016

Responsible and Dedicated R. Grace Rodriguez

If you live in the 45th Assembly District…Come out and Vote!!! Your Vote does count.

Aztlan Raza Unidos, we endorse R Grace Rodriguez !

R Grace Rodriguez If you are a registered Democrat residing in the 45th Assembly District and can come to Westfield Topanga Mall on Sunday between 12:00 p.m. and let’s say 2:00 p.m. . . . .

R Grace Rodriguez This is an election which maybe 200 people vote. . . . so we need at least 100 of you people who don’t regularly participate in the ADEM Elections to participate so we can get the best leadership in the Democratic Party!


Dear Friends and Family:
As many of you may know our friend Ernie Marquez lost his four year battle with liver cancer. Doctors had given Ernie six months to a year to live as recently as several weeks ago. The doctors told Ernie that all they could do at this point was to offer him “Palliative Care”, which meant that there wasn’t anything more doctors could do for him.  Ernie ever positive and ever the battler decided that he’d continue his battle with this cancer at home using natural homeopathic treatments. However, the Creator needed him home, and sadly, Ernie went to be with his Mother and received his Angels wings on December 23rd of this month.

Ernie was always a hard working man,  a machinist by trade who routinely worked up to 12 hours a day, 6 days a week to support not only his own children but also provide for many more children who he was a father figure to for well over 24 years.  As was typical Ernie he and his wife Lisa always found ways to provide for all “his children” until he no longer could. Unfortunately, scraping by did not allow for any extras and Ernie’s death has left his wife and family with mounting expenses they are now challenged with.

We are now asking you all to consider partnering with Theresia and I in donating whatever amount your heart leads to, to help defray the funeral and related expenses. We are hoping to raise approximately five thousand dollars.

You will be able to donate at, where you will see the PayPal donate button (Ernie Marquez Memorial Fund). Donations will go directly to the family.

Ernie was a 16 year veteran of the U.S. Army (Regular, Reserves and National Guard) and will be interred at the Riverside National Cemetery with full military honors. Services are tentatively set for Jan 12, 2017.

Please direct any questions you may have to us by leaving a comment on our website.

Thank you in advance for prayers and donations on behalf of the Marquez family.

Andrew & Theresia Elias, Founders, Aztlan Raza Unidos Enterprises


CandyOne Entertainment along with the Valley Dolls will be going down to the Skid Row area of L.A. this Sunday (December 18, 2016).  They will be providing meals along with cold weather clothing such as jackets and other items.

Los Angeles’ Skid Row contains one of the largest concentrations of homeless people in the United States.

Aztlan Raza Unidos Enterprises is stepping up and partnering with CandyOne and the Valley Dolls by also providing a cold weather jackets, a bag of 15 blankets and other clothing items.

There is still some time to donate clothing items or if you’d like to help CandyOne and the Valley Dolls by coming down to Skid Row, please contact Mr. Phillip Avila, Jr. ~ CandyOne Entertainment at (909) 984-4926

Representing CandyOne Entertainment – Mr. Phillip Avila, Jr. CEO and TMarie Tapia, Valley Dolls


Aztlan Raza Unidos Enterprises is proud to support our dear friend Danny Chicano Arte with his amazing coloring books he gives the children at his art events.  Team Elias provided and donated 115 boxes crayons for his next event!!!


Please consider helping Danny by donating additional crayons (he can use as many as he can get his hands on!)

Gracias for all you do Nite Owl………much luv n respect Andrew Elias & Theresia Elias founders.


Aztlan Raza Unidos Enterprises would like to give a shout out to our good friend, Mr. Steven Chavez, Founder, EASTLA Revue ( for making a generous donation to make a family’s Christmas a very blessed one.

Thank you Hermano for partnering with us and becoming one family’s “Christmas Angel”!

Christmas in South Central L.A.

Aztlan Raza Unidos Enterprises is proud to announce that this year as part of our yearly “Christmas Angel” Program we are supporting Danny “Chicano Arte” this year in his “Christmas Toy Give-A-Way” in South Central L.A.

For a number of years now Danny has provided toys for children in the South Central area of L.A.  Aztlan Raza Unidos Enterprises is proud to be partnering with Danny this year and we look forward to making this a yearly event.

If you like to get involved with helping this very gifted and humble artist our friend, Danny – Chicano Arte, or you have some toys to donate, drop us a line at or leave us a message in the comments.

If you would like to make a donation you can by using the PayPal button on our website and here ….   

Thank You,

Andrew & Theresia Elias, Founders, Aztlan Raza Unidos Enterprises



We encourage you to take a moment and consider making a donation (any amount is a blessing).  If you’d like to donate towards helping this family out you can leave us a comment here or donate by pressing the Paypal button.

Thank you

Andrew & Theresia Elias, Founders, Aztlan Raza Unidos Enterprises


Chrissy and my brother Billy met and fell in love as young teenagers, they were married, started a family and moved to Idaho where Billy worked as a plumber and Chrissy was a caretaker in a nursing home and worked with special needs children.  Their first born son  Billy Allen was born with down syndrome,  he is now 33 years old and also a diabetic.  In 2006 after all their children were grown and they were told they wouldn’t have anymore,  Chrissy found out that she was pregnant with Lacey.  Billy suffered a major heart attack during that time and had a pacemaker put in. During that time Lacey was in the nicu from birth and moved to children’s hospital in salt lake because she almost died,  she was very tiny and couldn’t eat,  very sick baby.  Billy lived with the pacemaker for 8 years before he passed away on 2/24/2015. Their oldest daughter crystal gave birth to Cayson in 2009 and they live with Chrissy, Billy was able to see his grandson and help raise him for the first 6 years of his life,  Cayson also has special needs,  adhd, etc… Chrissy and Billy were married for 32 years before he passed,  she says she will never love again,  he was her whole world.  Chrissy has suffered several heart attacks since my brother passed and now has diabetes full blown,  they recently put her on insulin but she can’t aid the $1200 a month for the medication so they gave her free samples for the first month.  She is unable to work due to her health.  Her and Billy Allen somehow came into contact with scabies and it’s taken the hospital 4 months to figure out what it is so they have been suffering all these months and now they have been told to get rid of all their furniture, beds, couches, everything. They live in Idaho Falls and their heater just went out.  Last year someone offered to sponsor the family for Christmas but the donations never arrived so the kids only got about 2 gifts each. Chrissy seriously needs help this Christmas to give the kids a good Christmas.


A Big Thank You ~ 3rd Annual Turkey Drive Give-A-Way


Aztlan Raza Unidos Enterprises and Staff would like to thank the following individuals who partnered with us this year to make our 3rd Annual Turkey Drive Give-A-Way a success.  

We not only hit our mark of 100 but exceeded that by a few birds, amazing!  Thank you to one and all for all you contributed, everything you donated went a long way in helping us make this holiday a great one.

We at Aztlan Raza Unidos Enterprises believe that our creator has given us but a few commandments, and those are that we care for one another, and that we love each other with no judgement of hatred in our hearts.

Each one of you who help us, who joined us in helping our brothers and sisters, our children,  are each examples of living these things out each day of your lives and we thank you for extending yourselves with us to help our communities.

Much Love & Respect

Andrew & Theresia Elias, Founders ~ Aztlan Raza Unidos Enterprises

“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart.”  ~Cesar Chavez~

A special Gracias to all;
Martin Arredondo.
Karen Tello Garcia
Mr. & Mrs. Julie Rae & Fabian Dumas Sr..
Paula Williams
Margo La Bayne.
Scott Vasile Young
Cathi Valadez Jerrold
Mr. & Mrs Mike Sullivan (Ontario PD – Ret.)
Martin Ramirez
Frances Cordova
Mary Lou Saldana

Maureen Good Wengert & Family
Richard Tiger
Cynthia IE (Frank’s Hat Rep – Inland Empire)
Mr. & Mrs. Louie and Arlene Parra
Willie Robinson
Albert J Duran

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Pearson
Arlene Reynoso
Sylvia Jimenez
Pablo Calderon
Amanda Rebollosa

Mr. Freddy Fender Jr.

Carol Sellers & Larry Sellers – Ultra Printing
Phillip Avila., Frances De La Torre Patricia Fuentes – CandyOne Entertainment
Charlie Perez, Monibee Henley – Round 2 Entertainment
Yolanda Isaak, Diana Ocobachii, Jaime Rios, Mary Lou Saldana  Phil Avila Sr… – Blindog Entertainment
Frank Mills Miranda, Founder/CEO – Chicano Radio Network

Enrique G. Murillo, Jr., Ph.D., Professor & Executive Director – LEAD Organization

Lisa Almeida– Tender Loving Covers
Danny – Chicano Arte
John Arredondo a.k.a  Juan Felix – The Law Offices of Hayward Friedman.


Andrew Elias, Aztlan Raza Unidos Enterprises with Artist, Danny – Chicano Arte who donated his art and portrait of Ms. Barbara Mason to our auction.
Portrait of Ms. Barbara Mason – Artwork by Danny Chicano Arte



Calling All Christmas Angels!

Please join us in opening your hearts to this family, they are in need of a Christmas Angel .!!! If you would like to help out contact us on our (Theresia Elias) FB message box or here on our website to make a simple donation on our paypal link.

We just need a few sponsors/ friends to help out here come on my ANGELS LET’S DO THIS!!!

In the spirit of Love n Hope jump aboard with us Team Elias/Aztlan Raza Unidos Co-Founders.