Calling All Christmas Angels!

4th Annual ARU Christmas Angel                     Program 2017

Calling All Christmas Angels!

Aztlan Raza Unidos Enterprises is looking for donors and sponsors for this our 4th Annual “Christmas Angel” Program. So please consider making a donation or even more becoming a “Christmas Angel – Sponsor” and have a specific child or family you get to help out for Christmas.

Aztlan Raza Unidos Enterprises is also proud to announce that this year we are expanding our program by donating to our local communities which start from here in the Sioux Falls all the way to the Pine Ridge Reservation and outlining areas here in South Dakota.

For a number of years now Andrew and I have been coming out to the midwest helping whenever and however we could. Now, our path has brought us here to Sioux Falls, South Dakota and we believe that both of us are here to extend our help to not only our families and the people of the Southern part of the U.S.A. but now here also in the mid-west.  There is much need here also, but for now it’s all about “Christmas Angels”.  So we look forward to also now partnering with you in extending our help and love to the people of the midwest.

Thank you in advance for your love and support.

Theresia and Andrew Elias , Founders, Aztlan Raza Unidos Enterprises

Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. It is happiness because we see joy in people. It is forgetting self and finding time for others. It is discarding the meaningless and stressing the true values.

Thomas S. Monson



Aztlan Raza Unidos Enterprises invites you to join us for a Cancer Awareness Benefit Fundraiser benefiting the Ernest Marquez Memorial Fund.

Date: Saturday, January 28th

Place: El Torito, 3680 Inland Empire Blvd., Ontario, CA 91764

Time:  12 pm – 5 pm

All Donations will go directly to the “Ernest Marquez Memorial Fund”

For additional Information contact Andrew or Theresia Elias @ (909) 815-4003, Email:, Attn: Cancer Benefit Fundraiser


CandyOne Entertainment along with the Valley Dolls will be going down to the Skid Row area of L.A. this Sunday (December 18, 2016).  They will be providing meals along with cold weather clothing such as jackets and other items.

Los Angeles’ Skid Row contains one of the largest concentrations of homeless people in the United States.

Aztlan Raza Unidos Enterprises is stepping up and partnering with CandyOne and the Valley Dolls by also providing a cold weather jackets, a bag of 15 blankets and other clothing items.

There is still some time to donate clothing items or if you’d like to help CandyOne and the Valley Dolls by coming down to Skid Row, please contact Mr. Phillip Avila, Jr. ~ CandyOne Entertainment at (909) 984-4926

Representing CandyOne Entertainment – Mr. Phillip Avila, Jr. CEO and TMarie Tapia, Valley Dolls


Aztlan Raza Unidos Enterprises would like to give a shout out to our good friend, Mr. Steven Chavez, Founder, EASTLA Revue ( for making a generous donation to make a family’s Christmas a very blessed one.

Thank you Hermano for partnering with us and becoming one family’s “Christmas Angel”!


We encourage you to take a moment and consider making a donation (any amount is a blessing).  If you’d like to donate towards helping this family out you can leave us a comment here or donate by pressing the Paypal button.

Thank you

Andrew & Theresia Elias, Founders, Aztlan Raza Unidos Enterprises


Chrissy and my brother Billy met and fell in love as young teenagers, they were married, started a family and moved to Idaho where Billy worked as a plumber and Chrissy was a caretaker in a nursing home and worked with special needs children.  Their first born son  Billy Allen was born with down syndrome,  he is now 33 years old and also a diabetic.  In 2006 after all their children were grown and they were told they wouldn’t have anymore,  Chrissy found out that she was pregnant with Lacey.  Billy suffered a major heart attack during that time and had a pacemaker put in. During that time Lacey was in the nicu from birth and moved to children’s hospital in salt lake because she almost died,  she was very tiny and couldn’t eat,  very sick baby.  Billy lived with the pacemaker for 8 years before he passed away on 2/24/2015. Their oldest daughter crystal gave birth to Cayson in 2009 and they live with Chrissy, Billy was able to see his grandson and help raise him for the first 6 years of his life,  Cayson also has special needs,  adhd, etc… Chrissy and Billy were married for 32 years before he passed,  she says she will never love again,  he was her whole world.  Chrissy has suffered several heart attacks since my brother passed and now has diabetes full blown,  they recently put her on insulin but she can’t aid the $1200 a month for the medication so they gave her free samples for the first month.  She is unable to work due to her health.  Her and Billy Allen somehow came into contact with scabies and it’s taken the hospital 4 months to figure out what it is so they have been suffering all these months and now they have been told to get rid of all their furniture, beds, couches, everything. They live in Idaho Falls and their heater just went out.  Last year someone offered to sponsor the family for Christmas but the donations never arrived so the kids only got about 2 gifts each. Chrissy seriously needs help this Christmas to give the kids a good Christmas.


Calling All Christmas Angels!

Please join us in opening your hearts to this family, they are in need of a Christmas Angel .!!! If you would like to help out contact us on our (Theresia Elias) FB message box or here on our website to make a simple donation on our paypal link.

We just need a few sponsors/ friends to help out here come on my ANGELS LET’S DO THIS!!!

In the spirit of Love n Hope jump aboard with us Team Elias/Aztlan Raza Unidos Co-Founders.