Win Tickets to Our 2nd Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Fundraiser

We have another special announcement to make!

Team Elias hosts of the “Breaking the Secrecy” show on the Chicano Radio Network ( is providing you another way to win tickets to our benefit fundraiser bringing awareness to the subject of Domestic Violence on June 24th @ the El Torito restaurant in Ontario, California.

To be eligible for the drawing for tickets all you have to do is share our post from our Facebook page (aztlan raza unidos – to an additional 10 individuals and you will be automatically entered to win. In addition, you name will also be put into our raffle to win one of the many doorprises we will be giving away the day of the fundraiser.

** You must be at the event to collect your ticket(s) and doorprises. (Be present to win)!

“Breaking the Secrecy”

All proceeds derived from the benefit fundraiser are tax deductible and will help us to provide no-cost legal workshops and self-defense classes. The dates and locations of the workshops to be announced.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to partner with Team Elias to show your love, support and to provide the necessary tools to help transform lives.


Our Lives, Your Lives Don’t Matter!

An Update From Team Elias



As many of you may know, on April 7th of this year Theresia and I were violently assaulted at the residence of one of Theresia’s clients. She is a free-lance Paralegal, so it is not uncommon that she goes to the client’s home to discuss their needs, fill-out paperwork, etc.

Well this time we were at the client’s residence, her home that she was no longer living in due to the constant fear and terror she had been experiencing at the hands of her abusive boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend.

Well to make a long story short, the ex-boyfriend shows up, breaks through the front door and proceeds to assault Theresia and I. It was not pretty; we were both violently assaulted within an inch of our lives. Fortunately, the young lady as well as an elderly lady (friend of ours) escaped unharmed.

I spend 4 days in the hospital with severe bruising and blood to the upper front side of my brain, a severely fractured nose (which by-the-way now has to be re-broken to be fixed, a fracture to my left eye-socket and four lacerations to the back of my head that required a total of 30 staples and assorted other bruises and bumps.

Theresia, who already suffers from a painful back condition was beat and kicked and now suffers from all that not to mention the nightmares, anger and all that. I spent four days in the hospital, the guy who assaulted us was jailed but posted bond in two days.

Well fast forward to today…. Just heard back from the DA of San Bernardino County that they are not going to press charges against this man for this assault…What, Really!!!!

Yes folks I could and will later rant more on this, however, according to the Deputy District Attorney who reviewed all the evidence, she determined that she could not get a conviction…. she said that based on what she had she could not convince a jury “beyond a reasonable doubt” that this man assaulted us.

Really, with one prior conviction already, sentence served in the Arkansas Pen for Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, the intent to do badly harm…served three years…

Really, with all the pictures taken by the responding officers at other assorted packs of law enforcement who arrived at the scene afterwards…not enough evidence…or perhaps this evidence was never submitted

Really, with a recent arrest in November for Assaulting the young lady (Theresia’s client), slicing her with a knife and urinating on her…not enough stuff to get him locked up!

Really…After we reported that just yesterday, yesterday while we were driving home from yet another doctor’s appointment Theresia observed the guy who assaulted us behind us in his white truck following us…when he saw that we ID’d him he slowed down and disappeared. And Ms. DA the best you can tell me you aren’t pursuing this matter.

Well there it is in a nutshell people…you think your life matters! Think again…

District Attorney Mr. Ramos…you will set up Task Forces to Find and Prosecute Individuals who mistreat animals (and don’t hate me, I have three indoor cats and four strays outside that I care for. I love animals) but you have DA’s in your office who just marginalize us by not digging and fighting for more information to be able to prosecute these crazy men who are dangerous!


It because this assault involved people of color?

Is it because the SB Sheriff who responded and wrote the report and writes like a grammar school child didn’t provide enough evidence???
Didn’t do his Job!!! And perhaps even Lied!!!

Is it because you don’t want to spend the money to impanel the jury and the expense to the county?

But you will chase after people who hurt animals…. BASTA!!!

So here’s the footnote: Mr. Ramos, I told your DA that this man is a psychopath, a very dangerous man who was intent on killing his ex-girlfriend that night, but Theresia, my precious loving Theresia and I got in his way and he turned his rage on us. He is going to do it again and this time he is going to make sure he finishes the job.


Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
The standard that must be met by the prosecution’s evidence in a criminal prosecution: that no other logical explanation can be derived from the facts except that the defendant committed the crime, thereby overcoming the presumption that a person is innocent until proven guilty.
If the jurors or judge have no doubt as to the defendant’s guilt, or if their only doubts are unreasonable doubts, then the prosecutor has proven the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and the defendant should be pronounced guilty.
The term connotes that evidence establishes a particular point to a moral certainty and that it is beyond dispute that any reasonable alternative is possible. It does not mean that no doubt exists as to the accused’s guilt, but only that no Reasonable Doubt is possible from the evidence presented.


More to follow………